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Owner’s Manual Companion

Everything you wanted to know about your new Tesla vehicle, the Tesla forums, and more! (Jan-2020 update)

Charging Connector

Supercharging, CCS and CHAdeMO DC Fast Charging

Comparing these three systems and the related networks (Jun-2020)


Tesla Solar Roof Installation

Our very own Tesla solar roof project with video, costing, and more! (May-2020)

Solar-Powerwall System Optimizations

Tricks to getting more useful power and improving Powerwall longevity (May-2020)

MCU retrofit

MCU2 Upgrade and AM/FM/XM Radio Issues

Options when radios are removed for the MCU2 upgrade (Apr-2020 update)

range university logo

Range University

Understanding what the Range display means and why it may not be accurate (Jun-2020 update)

broken window

To Catch A Thief – Tesla Breakins

Breakin, investigation, and tips to avoid a break-in (Jul-2019)

model varients

Timelines for Vehicles and Variants

Dates of vehicle versions and major changes (Feb-2020 update)


Autopilot, Processors, and Hardware

Demystifying MCU and HW variants (Apr-2020 update)


USB Flash Drives for Tesla Dashcam

How to pick a reliable drive and setting it up (Oct-2019 update)


Audio Systems for the Model 3

Our deep dive into speakers, amplifiers and more on the Model 3. (Jun-2019 update)


12 Volt Battery Compendium

Everything you need to know about your Tesla 12v battery!  (Jun-2020 Update)

home charging

Home Charging Wiring Guide

Explains safe wiring methods for charging your Tesla S/X/3 at home.  (Oct-2019 update)

Model 3 charging

Model 3 Home Charging Guide

Charging speeds, best solutions, outlet choices, and more! (May-2020 update)

Paint and Coatings

All about factory and body shop painting, coatings and common myths (Jun-2019 update)

XM logo

XM Radio for Tesla

XM availability, options, alternatives and tips (Oct-2019 update)


Supercharger SuperGuide

Our deep dive into Superchargers – how to speed your charging, how it works and more (Jun-2020 update)

battery pack

Selecting the Right Battery Size

Our handy guide getting the S/X/3 battery that’s best for you! (Nov-2019 update)


Old and New Luxury

How luxury is being redefined in vehicles (Aug-2017)

Repair Cone

Tesla Accident Repair Guide

How to navigate the accident repairs process and timing (Jun-2019 update)


HomeLink Analysis and Troubleshooting

Understanding HomeLink and fixing common issues (Oct-2019)


Understanding New Battery Breakthroughs

Battery breakthroughs may not always work as hoped for in vehicles (Oct-2019 update)


WiFi Guide and Troubleshooter for Tesla Vehicles

The Why and How of WiFi and how to get the best connection (Oct-2019 update)


Ultimate 2020 Tesla Dashcam Guide

Exploration of the why what and how of dashcams with comparisons and installation videos (Jan-2020 update)

Speakers and Amps

Audio Systems for the Tesla Model S and Model X

Examination of features, speakers and amplifiers (Aug-2018 update)


Model S Changes from 2012 to 2019

We’ve compiled an extensive list of changes over the last 6+ years (Apr-2019)

Solar cell

Solar Vehicle Roof Analysis

How much range would a solar roof provide and at what cost? (Oct-2019 update)

Android Auto

Android Auto on Tesla?

An examination of Google’s Android Auto and what issues may slow or prevent implementation (Oct-2019 update)

USB Flash Drives for Music

How to pick the right USB drive for great music and getting the most out of your vehicle’s music system (Oct-2019 Update)

carplay logo

CarPlay on Tesla?

An examination of Apple’s CarPlay and what issues may slow or prevent implementation (Oct-2019 update)

tesla stores

Maps – EV Benefits, Tesla Stores & Superchargers

View maps of the USA with benefits by state, Tesla stores and service centers and counts of Superchargers (Apr-2019 update)

paint chip fix

Fixing a Paint Chip

Quick ways to fix small rock strikes and road rash (Oct-2019 update)


Streaming Audio

Streaming services and getting better streaming sound (Oct-2019 update)



Easy to understand charging options (Oct-2019 update)


Main Screen User Interface Analysis

Changes from the old to new 7.0 (Oct-2015)

Instrument Panel

Instrument Panel User Interface Analysis

Changes from the old to new 7.0 (Oct-2015)

Sounds of Tesla

Sounds of Tesla Vehicles

Normal and abnormal noises and sounds with solutions (Oct-2019 update)

VIN Decoder

Learn what your Vehicle Identification Number says about your car (July-2018 update)


Understanding this critical high-power component (Feb-2019 update)

Processors Analysis and Count

Check out the 50+ processors used in Tesla vehicles (May-2013)

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