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MCU2 Upgrade and AM/FM/XM Radio Issues

Tesla is now offering an upgrade from MCU1 to MCU2 for $2500 for cars with HW2.0 or HW2.5. The retrofit will not work in older cars, made before 1-Oct-2016, considered HW0 or HW1. More details are available on the Tesla Infotainment Upgrade page.

Additional improvements not mentioned, include an updated display with no yellow banding issues, flash memory that should last about 4 to 8 times longer than the memory used in MCU1, and the ability for future features that will not work in MCU1. For those replacing MCU1 out of warranty, switching to MCU2 makes a lot of sense.

While it offers a number of improvements, it will remove the AM/FM/XM radio functions. This is because the radio module, separate from the MCU, is analog in MCU1 and all digital in MCU2.  We’ll outline all the options available.  (April-2020 update)

Options Available
  • Don’t Upgrade – This, of course, keeps your existing radios
  • Upgrade to MCU2 – Radios are removed, but there are options:
  • Buy a new Car that has MCU2 and FM/XM radios

Tesla has completely discontinued AM radios in all cars for several years now, and any possible upgrade will not include AM as the digital modules do not include AM radio and it’s unlikely MCU2 has any software to support AM radio.