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Here are groupings of some of the most useful links we’ve found relating to Tesla’s vehicles. (May-2020 update)

The Tesla Site
TelsaTap Free Apps and Info
  • MCU Identifier/Tester – Identifies MCU1 vs. MCU2 and additional information. Run within your Tesla browser by typing: teslatap.com/mcu
  • TORG – Tesla Music Organizer – A free Windows program we created to quickly organize your music into alphabetical folders and identify albums with missing cover art.
  • Guest/Valet Instructions App – Provides a web page with basic operating instructions for guests, valet or car wash attendants (S/X).
  • Dark Screen App – Displays a dark screen without touchpoints. Handy for those that are light sensitive or need to clean the touch screen. Tesla’s software now includes a built-in screen clean mode under controls.
Other Apps of Interest
  • App for Tesla – Easy access to Forums via Smartphone, includes search, iPhone only.
  • Cross-platform app for Tesla vehicles – Works on PC or Mac. Open source, API key stored locally (not on someone else’s server).
  • DRIVE – Electric – App control your Tesla on a Samsung watch
  • GlassTesla – Nice app for Google Glasses to communicate with the Model S
  • Model 3 Color Customizer – Pick any custom color and see how it might look
  • Model S for BlackBerry – Remote control app that runs on BB10
  • MP3diag  and MP3val – Scans your mp3 library for tag errors and fixes problems (two different utilities that each can find fix different issues)
  • OptiWatt – tracks electrical use and can adjust charging time dynamically based on vehicle use
  • QuickTesla – Weather, Radar, News, Charging and Valet. Includes Tesla Stock
  • Sentry Keeper – Windows program to view Sentry videos, up to 8X, with other features
  • Spotify Karaoke – Shows lyrics for Spotify on the Tesla browser with current playing song
  • Stats: For Model S/X/3 cars – See details stats for your car! (iOS)
  • Time4Tesla – Clock, stocks, news, and weather – formatted for 1/2 display
  • Tesla Apss – Good collections of customizable apps including weather, RSS, Plugshare, calculator, etc.
  • TeslaCam Video File Player – Works in most browsers, no installation needed
  • Tesla Companion – a remote control app that runs on Windows Phone or under Windows 10.
  • Tesla Explorer – Access to a car, raw data and cool map replay travel app – iPhone only.
  • TeslaFi – Tracking new version installs, charging tracking, and more – paid service
  • Tesla Firmware Upgrade Tracker – See lots of info on who got the latest updates and specific versions
  • TeslaPage – Clock, weather, news, charging – location-sensitive and formatted for the Tesla screen
  • Tesla Lifestyle – Charging maps with Tesla owner nearby points of interest app for iOS
  • TesApp – Browser app for your Tesla – altitude tracker, trip tracker, weather, games & more!
  • TeslaScreens – Quick access to many popular/fun Tesla sized screens.
  • TeslaTags – Fixes USB id3 tags to show compilation albums with multiple artists as a single album on the Tesla Albums folder.
  • Tesla-Waze – Map with local traffic issues, police and other details
  • Visible Tesla – Remote control app that runs on a Mac or PC  (TMC for more details)
Upcoming Conferences & Events
  • Battery Day – A seminar on battery technology – Estimated – May 2020
Past Events
Forums, Social and Informational Sites
Local Owner’s Club Sites
Products, Accessories and Modification Services
    • Abstract Ocean – Model S accessories including screen protectors, FOB covers and USB adapters
  • EVannex – Offers center consoles, lighting, cup-holders and many other accessories (formally Teslaccessories)
  • EVChargeKing – European cables and Tesla port release kit
  • EV Tuning – Replacement and repair parts and kits
  • Exclusive Detail – “Six Reasons to get a full wrap!” Protection wraps for Tesla
  • ForMyTesla – Wheels, spoilers and other products for the Model S I haven’t’ seen elsewhere
  • LH Labs (Light Harmonic) – High-end speakers and amplifiers specifically for Tesla.
  • Owning Model S – Nick Howe’s book and  Q&A site
  • Reus Audio Systems – Installs custom audio systems for the Model S and other exotics.
  • RPM Tesla– Offers carbon fiber nose cone wraps and decals.
  • T Sportline – Wheels, carbon fiber accents, interior accessories for the Models S
  • Tesla&More – Center console divider, coat hooks, Nose cone removal tool
  • Tesla Parts Sell Buy – Facebook page for parts
  • TeslaPride – Offers cupholders, mugs, t-shirts and more
  • TorkLift Central – Tow bar, magnetic cup holders, removable front license plate holder and more
  • UMC-J1772 – Adapters including Tesla connector extension cables 40 and 80 amp versions
  • Unplugged – Performance tuning products for the Model S
  • Vossen Wheels – Wheels for the Model S
3D DIY Printed Accessories
Buying or Selling a Tesla
Making Money with your Car and Rebates
  • Ohmconnect pays you money to control your home charging. They may delay charging by up to an hour a few times a week to reduce the electrical grid load during unexpected peak usage. For the Tesla EV (and a few other EVs) no hardware is required. See the site for more details and free signup. Currently limited to select power company areas in the USA.
  • City of Pasadena – $250 for new EV; $600 for L2 charger
  • City of Roseville – $300 for new EV; $500 for L2 charger (Roseville, California)
  • PG&E Clean Fuel Rebate – $500 (Northern California)
  • SCE Clean Fuel Rewards – $450 (Southern/Central California)
  • SDG&E Clean Fuel Rebate – $200 (Southern California) Check if still available
  • SJV Air Pollution Control District – $3,000 (Central Valley California)
Locations of Charging Stations
  • Alternative Fuels Data Center – USA only, specify a zip for a focused map. Limited search filtering by charging type.
  • ChargePoint – J1772 for pay chargers specific to the ChargePoint network. Free signup required to use chargers, but requires a $25 deposit.
  • EV Trip Planner – Tesla specific mapping for your model type as well as routing through Superchargers – Considers current traffic, temp, speed and elevations!
  • Open Charge Map – Google map of chargers. Supposed to support Tesla chargers, but filters are not operable yet (Jun-2017).
  • PlugShare – Includes Tesla Superchargers
  • Supercharger Map shows Superchargers in North America along with those under construction and those with permits.
Safety Reports
  • NHTSA – USA Government Safety Ratings for all cars (enter manufacturer, model and year)
  • IIHS – USA Insurance Industry Ratings for all cars (enter manufacturer and model)
  • NCAP – European Safety Ratings for 2014 Tesla Model S
Related Fun and Interesting Videos and Posts
Clever Tesla Video Ads

Most videos were created by fans, with those marked with “*” created by Tesla.

Cool Documentary Movies

Movies can be viewed on some streaming networks or you can purchase the DVD.

Electric Car Information Sites
Engineering Topics
Other Elon Musk Ventures
  • Neuralink – Developing implantable high-speed brain-computer interfaces.
  • OpenAI – A non-profit artificial intelligence (AI) research company, although Elon stepped off the board in Feb-2018.
  • SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies) – Designs, manufactures and launches rockets and spacecraft.
  • SolarCity – Develops and installs solar panels and solar roofs. Elon was an investor and chairman. SolarCity was acquired by Tesla in 2016.
  • The Boring Company – Developing low-cost urban tunnels for underground vehicle traffic.