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No vehicle offers every feature, due to cost, complexity, desirability, and the required efforts of the manufacturer. Our desired features list covers ideas and features we’d love to see on any car, and hope to see some of these features in future versions of Tesla’s cars. To date, over 300 of our suggested features have been implemented!

Vote on the features you like, and even add new features you’d love to see, but not currently available.

To vote, on the side of the feature description is the current number of votes with the up-arrow used when you like the feature and are willing to pay for it or tap the down-arrow for a feature you have no interest in. You can only vote once per feature, but you can remove your vote by tapping the up or down arrows a second time.

Keep in mind adding a future feature could greatly increase the cost, but many are easily added at little or no cost, and others could be offered in an optional package. Quite a few may be very difficult to add to the current design but may be possible in future vehicles. Patent issues can make including a specific feature impossible or too costly as well.

To move through the features quickly, click on the prior or next arrows while in a specific desired feature.

Our editors review every feature and rank the desirability, likelihood Tesla may offer the feature in the future, and the rough cost. These ratings are strictly our opinion and do not imply any special knowledge about Tesla’s actual plans.

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