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Battery Cell Size Comparison 3D Print

Tesla currently uses three different cell sizes:

  • 18650 – 18 mm diameter by 65 mm long, used in the Model S and Model X
  • 2170 – 21 mm diameter by 70 mm long, used in the Model 3 and Model Y
  • 4680 – 46 mm diameter by 80 mm long, used in some Model Y (as of July-2022)

Different cell designs offer different features and capabilities, and size is only one aspect. The internal design has been improved over the years, so the original 18650 is not the same as the current 18650.   Having a larger or smaller cell does not indicate the end performance.  For example, the smaller cells used in the Model S and X are suitable when maximum power is needed while maintaining cooling for multiple hard runs, and the cost is less of a factor.  The 4680 offers advantages in a lower vehicle cost over using other cell sizes but has been incredibly difficult to perfect. Internal formulations and design continue to be improved for all sizes of cells that Tesla uses.

Tesla Battery Cell Comparison

We made a 3D model you can print that illustrates the three sizes.  If you buy actual cells, you can use the base to hold each cell. This zip contains the four STL files for the base and each cell. Colors are just for illustration and you can use any color filaments that you have. The actual cells are metalic sliver.  (Jul-2022)