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Old and New Luxury

Tesla has never claimed to be a luxury car – usually stating their vehicles are a Premium Sport Sedan/SUV for the Model S/X and 3. Still many do compare Tesla to other luxury cars, since many luxury car owners have switched from old-line makers such as MB, BMW and Lexus to Tesla. I thought it would be fun to examine what is vehicle Luxury and how it is changing. Some features are obviously optional both in old and new luxury depending on the vehicle.

Old Luxury New Luxury
A powerful engine with low MPG A powerful motor with high eMPG
Extra power after a while with turbocharger Instant high torque power
Very complex 8 or 9 speed transmission No transmission
Lots of physical buttons – more is better Minimal physical buttons with touch access to functions as needed
Language free buttons with icons Touch buttons with localized language for clarity
The display requires multiple menu levels to locate any specific function Most functions are 1-2 touches away
Confusingly slow text entry systems such as iDrive, Touchpad or mechanical dial Direct touch text with autofill
Having junk/trash bins for every passenger Eliminate most bins to avoid a trash filled car
Perfume dispenser to cover up the stinky exhaust and pollution smells A HEPA filter to keep incoming air clean
Fueling requires 5-10 minutes of effort while having to contend with blowing sleet, rain, snow, humidity, or heat – and then paying for it Fueling takes 5 seconds of effort at home to plug in. Charging done overnight so you have a full “tank” every morning.  Can be free with solar roof.
Dealers offer free coffee while you waste an hour or so every few months to have the oil and filters changed No need for oil or filter changes
Small display screen located deep in the dash to make it look even smaller Large display positioned close to driver
Good crash protection Best crash protection
What you buy is what you get until sold Continued free feature upgrades for years
Minimal software security as an afterthought High software security built in from the start
Typing navigation entries requires the entire address and city Typing a navigation entry often can guess a desired location with just a few characters
Many functions locked out when driving as being too complex to do safely No functions locked out
Loud engine noises require closing all the windows Quiet EV operation allows enjoyable driving with the windows open or closed.
Leather seats that crack and wear over time Ultraleather style seats that have ten times the wear resistance while retaining the look and feel of leather.
Basic HomeLink with buttons 1, 2, and 3 Personalized HomeLink button names and auto-open/close based on GPS
Advanced setups require reading a printed manual Built in wizards to set Bluetooth, HomeLink, WiFi and more
Volume “+” and “-“ adjust buttons on the steering wheel Steering wheel with rotary volume adjust and instant mute
CD Player Streaming Audio/Music
Lighted Ignition on/off button Automatic on/off, no button needed
Conservative styling of yesterday Clean styling for the future
Designed to appeal to the 70-to-dead group Appeals to all ages
Single trunk space, no fold-down seats Multiple cargo spaces, with fold-down seats for even more space
Uncomfortable center rear passenger seat, straddles large hump All three rear seat positions comfortable with flat floor
Feel good about helping out the oil industry Feel good about making a better environment for our future

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