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Audio Systems for the Model 3 and Model Y

Our latest analysis of the various audio systems used in the Model 3 and Model Y over the years. We’ll continue to update this analysis should Tesla make changes and we learn more! (Jun-2023)

System Features
Feature SR
Partial Premium*
Internet Streaming No Yes Yes
USB Ports for music No 1 1
Total USB Ports 4 5 5
Total Amp Channels 7 7 14
Tweeters 0 1 3
Midrange 4 4 9
Woofers 2 2 2
Subwoofer No No Yes, 8″, dual coil
Total Amplifier Power** 200W 200 W 560 W
Immersive Sound No Yes Yes

* No longer available – all models sold today include Premium sound
** Not stated by Tesla, our WAG of peak power, is typical of vehicle audio specifications.


Speaker Components


Type Part Number Size Impedance Watts
Sub-Woofer 1109561-00-A 8” (200 mm) 2×40 ohm 160 W
Woofer 1079744-00-E 8” (200mm) 4 ohm 80 W
Full-range 1079742-00-A 4” (100 mm) 3 ohm 33 W
HD effects 1088459-00-B 2.5” (60 mm) 4 ohm 2 W
Tweeter, Active 1079741-00-A 1” (25 mm) 4 ohm 25 W
Tweeter, Passive 1098737-00-B 1” (25 mm) 4 ohm 25 W


Speaker Locations*
Location SR
Partial Premium*
Front Dash 2 – 4” mid-ranges 1 – 1” tweeter
2 – 4” mid-ranges
1 – 1” tweeter
3 – 4” mid-ranges
Side Mirrors No No 2 – 1″ tweeters
A-pillar No No 2 – 2.5” mid-range
Front Doors 2 – 8” woofers 2 – 8” woofers 2 – 8” woofer
Rear Doors  2 – 4″ mid-ranges  2 – 4″ mid-ranges 2 – 4” mid-ranges
Rear No No 2 – 4″ mid-ranges
1 – 8” Subwoofer

*  SR and SR+ believed to be accurate – info from other owners

M3 Speakers

Amplifier and 15 Speaker Placement for Premium Audio


Inside Tesla’s Audio System

The premium amplifier is mounted next to the subwoofer in the rear of the car. This amplifier powers the dual-coil subwoofer, the two rear trunk speakers, and the four-door speakers. It’s likely the dash speaker amplifiers are split between the vehicle controller left and vehicle controller right modules. In the front center, the tweeter is a passive design connected via a crossover to the center mid-range.

In the S and X, almost every speaker gets a separate dedicated amplifier channel. Assuming the 3 is designed the same way, this means there are 14 amplifiers. Having discrete amplifiers for each speaker allows for far better acoustic tuning during the design by Tesla’s audio engineers. Typical stereos in most other vehicles use four amplifiers.

The speakers are made for Tesla in China. Most of the audio equipment appears to be created by and made for Tesla and is not some rebranded product. Tesla logo appears not only on labels but molded into plastic parts such as polycarbonate speaker baskets.

The tuner is manufactured by Harman Becker (now owned by Samsung) and is manufactured in Mexico. This is exclusively FM, and there is no hidden AM radio in the module and only one antenna connection that connects to an FM radio RF amplifier. For comparison, the original S/X tuner module was made by Panasonic and included both FM and AM tuners.


Audio Controls

Use the tone and balance controls to adjust the system to your personal preferences. For example, if you have some hearing loss in the upper frequencies you might increase the treble. If you listen to books or talk shows, you might increase the mid-range to improve vocal clarity. Be aware that other passengers may not have the same hearing desires as you so sometimes a compromise will be necessary.

While you could jack all the tone controls up to increase the volume, unless you really need that extra volume, it will add distortion between the bands. It is best to have a least one band set to zero and adjust the others to get the overall effect you want. The further a band is set to zero, the equalizer will add some phase distortion. While many cannot hear phase distortion, using values with +/- 2.5 dB is ideal.


Audio Control Screen


Depending on if you have any passengers, you may want to adjust the balance to the center or favor the front or rear soundstage. Non-premium systems have weaker rear speakers, so you may shift the fader further back than those that have the full premium system.

The full premium also offers an immersive sound option that provides a multi-channel synthesis from the stereo source material. It’s in the Options menu of Audio Settings. It’s worth trying out. The two small speakers above the A-pillar are only active when immersive sound is active.


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