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Tesla Dashcam

For the Model S, X, 3, and Y

Tesla Dashcam Explained

Understanding the Tesla dashcam features, if your vehicle has one, and how it compares with other third-party dashcams

Drive Requirements

Drives must have enough capacity, performance, and the ability to handle a range of environments


Flash memory has a limited lifetime and after many repetitive writes to a single location the data fails


Check out our recommended drive types, vendors, and models

Preparing your Drive

You'll need to properly format and add a folder to start using your new drive

Fakes and Counterfeits

We show you how to avoid some of the fake and counterfeit drives 

Using the Tesla Dashcam

Learn how to safely remove the dashcam drive, control Sentry mode, and more

Viewing Video

Find various ways to view saved video footage from the Tesla dashcam


Solutions to many common problems with your Tesla dashcam