Automatic Sound Leveler



Automatically adjust the audio volume slowly to compensate for ambient road noise changes that typically occur while changing speeds or pavement types.


Commonly included in above average sound systems, although the quality of ASL varies.



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     Created 2-Dec-2012


It should be a configuration setting, so that those who don't want it don't get it. That said, on every drive where I am using any form of audio I am constantly spinning the volume up and down based on speed and other noises.
    Created 3-Nov-2023
How is this still not implemented? I usually keep the volume on 2 or 3. But on the Autobahn, I can't hear a thing if it's below 4. So this forces everyone to constantly adjust audio, even though a speed dependent auto leveller would seem to be so easy to implement.
    Created 1-Dec-2018
But the Audi A6 is so noisy with that ICE engine ASL is almost a requirement :)

The Tesla being so quiet doesn't need ASL as much if at all. Also we don't 100% know that it doesn't have ASL, just that I've not been able to confirm it's there.
    Created 7-Jan-2017
Really??? No ASL on my $2,500 sound option? I had this on my 2006 Audi A6. This seems like an easy software fix using either current speed or the mic to get ambient noise.
    Created 7-Jan-2017
It seems our UHF systems has DSP capabilities!

Quote: “S1nn Volume Management” gives the sound system speed-dependent volume and bass control. This is geared to the premium electric car’s driving characteristics and takes the fan stage setting into account as well as input
variables such as speed and rpm".

From TeslaTap's Audio System Analysis:

Delving deeper into the design, the audio path uses a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) to better control the sound dispersion in the car for all occupants. This DSP is software controlled allowing the designers a great amount of flexibility to tune each speaker to the car.
It was reported by s1nn that the Tesla system includes Volume Management. This automatically changes the volume and bass level based on the vehicles speed (i.e. noise from outside) and the climate control’s fan setting (inside noise) to maintain clarity as these noise sources get louder or softer. My own analysis with a spectrum analyzer did not see any volume changes at different frequencies with fan speed changes, so s1nn may not have actually included this feature on our cars. This test was done with 7.0 software and a MS with the standard audio package, for 800 Hz to 8 KHz.
    Created 2-Jan-2016
I believe it is a needed feature in any car, regardless of how quiet it may be. I find myself continually operating the left thumb wheel on my S85 to put the volume where I like it.

I add that there needs to be a separate volume leveler to minimize the variation in volume from one station to another.
    Created 1-Jan-2016
Suregie, the Model S doesn't have ASL. That's why it's listed here as a desired feature.
    Created 31-Dec-2013
My Model S has the tech & sound package and everything, but the ASL is awful.  I don't think it was designed for an electric is woefully inadequate!
    Created 31-Dec-2013
Volker, avoiding cabin noise is sometimes the best, but on those summer days when you want to drive with all windows down and sunroof open, it is desirable to blast the volume at speed, but reduce the volume when required to stop for traffic lights. ;)
    Created 14-Jun-2013
Before responding to rising cabin noise levels by increased audio volume, it seems far more desirable to avoid cabin noise in the first place.

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    Created 27-Mar-2013
My wife has this feature on her Mercedes and it cannot be turned off. It is nice at some times, but it would be nice to turn it off, especially when in stop and go traffic.
    Created 6-Jan-2013