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Editor’s Analysis

The Editor’s analysis shows how our editors rate this feature.

Each rating has four levels:

  Poor, or large expense
  Low, or fairly expensive
  Medium, or low cost
  High, included for free

Rating types include:

  • Desirability – How desirable this feature to Tesla owners. Based in part on voting and amount of activity on other forum posts.
  • Likelihood – Our editors estimate of the likelihood this feature will be offered by Tesla in the near future based on our estimates of difficulty to implement and desirability.
  • Economical – How much this feature would cost, looking at other manufacturers pricing for similar items.

Should Tesla Motors offer a specific feature in the future, it may be bundled in the base price, or placed within an optional feature group or priced as a separate line item. It’s also possible Tesla Motors could offer a retrofit for existing customers, which is more likely for a software feature than something that changes the physical design.