Interior Sound Reduction


Now Implemented!


Make the interior quieter on the Model S.


One way to improve on the Model S’ silent ride by foaming some of the hollow space around the wheel wells: Tore up the cargo area

Should definitely come standard as it seems a simple measure that emphasizes one of the Model S key features. I couldn’t stand people telling me that the Model S is silent at low speeds, but that at higher speeds it’s louder than other high-end cars. What a shame.

Tesla used to offer an Interior Sound Reduction Kit (installed) for the Roadster, which ranged from $1600 to $3800 depending on the model and the amount of material to be installed. This was removed from the store in early 2013.


Comparing a 2016 Model S to a 2012 Model S, it’s clear the cars are quieter than early models. The 2021 S is even quieter with active noise cancellation.

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     Created 27-Mar-2013


I measured noise levels, comparing my MS with my wife's Lexus  GS 450h. Over mixed rough/smooth tar seal, hills/flat, the Lexus was marginally more quiet. Of course, a lot depends on the tyre choice. Would be nice to have a "quietest Tyre" rating
    Created 31-May-2019
The tires play an important role in sound deadening.  My 2017 S came with tires equipped with a foam layer around the inside that absorb road noise and the softer rubber thread also serves to keep the car quiet and ride smoother.
    Created 3-Aug-2018
My experience after driving the Model S for 3 years now:

- don't install 21" wheels: they're noisy (and the tires don't protect the alloy)

- the car makes a lot more noise on the highways, than does my gasoil fuelled BMW 5 series

But then again: my next car will be ... just another Tesla ;-)
So yes, I hope Tesla engages some sound engineers from BMW to improve noise reduction further.
    Created 6-Oct-2016
My own car is 14 months old and I was yesterday driving a loaner from recent production. It must be noted that Tesla has made some great progress in this department.

And yes, it can be too quiet! ;-)
    Created 6-Dec-2014
It can't be too quiet :-). I would pay a lot for a super quiet option!
    Created 6-Dec-2014
I actually think my Model S is a lot more noisy than my 2008 Acura MDX was, especially at highway speeds.  At lower speeds (below 35-40MPH) I think the tesla might be slightly quieter.  However, since most of my time is interstate driving it's pretty noticeable that this could be a much quieter car.  Feels like most of the sound comes from the wheel wells...  so perhaps more sound deadening in those areas and around the trunk hatch which acts like a resonance chamber (common problem with hatch backs)
    Created 2-Dec-2014
There are a few other entries on the subject of reducing ride noise, but it bears repeating, just in case anyone from Tesla actually reads these.
    Created 3-May-2014
I would be happy to pay for a luxury option that even further reduces noise. Like the cold weather option. It would be a huge success.
    Created 3-May-2014
Agreed.  Quiet now but can't be too quiet
    Created 28-Apr-2014
We  test drove a MSp85 a few weeks ago. It was rather loud (noisy) at highway speed over concrete road.

I blame it partially on the concrete surface (as opposed to softer asphalt), 21" wheel with loud tires, high wind noise.... (?)

Our GL 450 has much less noise or road noise, YET the car is so cool we ordered a metallic grey, 85kW Model S, 19" primacy tires, pano, etc (to arrive late Jan 2014).

An Electronic Noise Canceling System option may be a desirable option for people used to very quiet vehicles.
    Created 25-Nov-2013
The  MS I drove was surprisingly quiet at freeway speeds. Very comparable to my LS-460. I'm good with that noise level; or lac there of. :)
    Created 1-Oct-2013
Thank you, that's good to know. The short drive at the Get Amped event wasn't conclusive in this regard. Still waiting for my own Model S to arrive in Europe...
    Created 27-Mar-2013
For me the MS seems similar to the Lexus LS460 at speed, one of the quietest cars made.  Most of the noise heard is wind (on both cars).  Wind noise might be reduced with double-pane glass (used on a few expensive cars). This would adds considerable weight and expense.   I've also talked to many other MS owners, and haven't heard a single complaint about the noise level - usually the opposite - they can't believe how quiet the MS is.

That said, it may be the one user referenced above had the Tesla sound insulation installed incorrectly, custom noisy tires, or some other issue unique to that car.

I'm sure it's possible to further reduce the noise levels, but Tesla has done an outstanding job at making it a very quiet car.
    Created 27-Mar-2013