Route Planning with Private Chargers



With in-car route planning, provide an option to include all chargers and/or select undocumented charger locations that may not be on the map.


We have a private charger at our office locations, and one at home. It would be nice to store the charger data so the trip planning can include these charges as options for my route.



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     Created 5-Jan-2018


I take some of the same trips with preferred stops and charges.  I'd like to save and recall new or previous planned trips.
    Created 30-Jul-2022
N.B.: I just added a feature request that may be a complement to this one. My request was for PlugShare integration specifically, whereas I believe this request here is more about adding private charging locations for the in-car navigation to consider.
    Created 11-Dec-2018
I’d definitely like to add stops, such as hotels and restaurants, to my route.

If this could import route data from outside sources such as address lists or other route planner apps, I wouldn’t have to go back and forth between several sources.

On a recent trip around the US, I used a 3rd party route planner to lay out a general course. Then I used the car’s nav system to choose a path through Superchargers. I used Yelp to look for restaurants and hotels along the trip. I used another app to locate off-beat attractions. I used another app to locate campgrounds, and another to locate truck stops with shower and laundry facilities. These all fed into the route planner app. Daily I would put specific destinations into the vehicle’s nav system.
    Created 1-Dec-2018
Yeah any that are listed on Plug Share or Charge Hub or any of those databases. Even the ability to filter by Charger type / speed like you can in those apps
    Created 12-Mar-2018