Show Alternative Charging on Map


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When displaying charging on the map, beyond Supercharging, show additional charging options that are compatible with Tesla, perhaps by integrating parts of PlugShare.


The interactive map in the car currently can display Supercharger locations. It would be nice if Tesla would partner with PlugShare to show other charging locations on the map as well. These third-party stations should be shown in a different color from the Superchargers — as the PlugShare app itself does. Tesla could also show the detailed location notes and user-submitted photos from PlugShare, as these often make finding the charging station easier than Tesla’s own nearly nonexistent notes.

Navigation probably should not attempt to utilize third-party charging stations. Such stations would be available for manual selection only.

The map button that enables/disables the Superchargers map overlay should be extended to become a tri-state button: hide all chargers, show only Superchargers, show all chargers.


Now have three levels of charging displayable on the map – Supercharging, medium speed chargers, and slower chargers.  Superchargers are always enabled, but the other two choices can be toggled on/off.

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     Created 11-Dec-2018


I recently altered my route because I could not verify alternate charge sites. I wanted to take HWY1 between San Louis Obispo and Monterey there are no superchargers and by the time it occurred to me to check for alternate charge sites, my cell service (and the car's) was inadequate to find them. Unthinkable since this is our 3rd EV (1st Tesla) and alternate sites were all I could use! Supercharger Fixation!
    Created 20-May-2019
this is a partial duplicate of

witch is about adding support for any 3 party charging provider
    Created 2-May-2019
I think this feature has merit but I downvoted it anyway because I think it is an idea before its time.  In a few years when the charging infrastructure has been standardized and built-out would be a great time to implement this idea.
    Created 2-Apr-2019
As long as it is an option you can turn off. I do not want the screen smothered in Plugshare icons for many stations that give a paltry  domestic style socket, or are located in locked private office car parks, or in a Nissan dealer forecourt.
    Created 31-Jan-2019