Show Supercharger Location Details



Add a location description paragraph to each supercharging location on the map, along with a photo or two to make locating the chargers easier.


When visiting a supercharging location for the first time, it is often difficult to know exactly where to find them. This is especially true of chargers in parking garages.



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     Created 28-Mar-2018


Tesla should just pull data (directions and photos, maybe comments too) from PlugShare for Supercharger locations. No need for them to reinvent yet another wheel.

Edit: In fact, I've added this as a separate feature request.
    Created 11-Dec-2018
I agree, that charger in the Flagstaff hotel parking lot is a great bad example. The Tesla Nav will take you to the restaurant next door, and you can’t get back to the hotel without a long trip around the block with some problematic left turns in traffic. Once you stop and use PlugShare or some other navigation to figure out that it is in the hotel parking lot and navigate to there, you may still have a hard time finding it, because it requires a hard left blind turn at the top of a rise, you are past it before you know it and don’t see the chargers down there.

Some text that says “in the parking lot of XX”, a navigation that is smart enough to lead you into that parking lot and not something next door, and a photo, would be awesome.
    Created 2-Dec-2018
The PlugShare app has pictures and comments.  Would be helpful to have the info as suggested within the Tesla info on supercharger locations.
    Created 3-Sep-2018
Or the map could just zoom in more. I am unimpressed with how close the directions actually get to the physical location. Perhaps this is an issue with the underlying maps, no roads detailed in parking lots.
    Created 27-Jul-2018
The first time finding the Supercharger in Barstow is an example of why this is needed.  We drove past it twice before finding it hiding (in plain sight) behind Chili's.  Also, try finding the Supercharger in Flagstaff.  We drove around the hotel's main parking lot trying to find it.  It is hidden in a deep cut on the south side of the hotel with no markings leading to it.  The TMS nav system gets you to the general area.  Sleuthing is then required to complete the find.
    Created 19-Apr-2018
Another solution would be for Tesla to install a small discreet Tesla sign at the curb and driveway closest to the superchargers.

    Created 30-Mar-2018