Power Door Closers


Now Implemented!


Power door (and Frunk) closers allow you to lightly close the door and have it pull in the door the last half-an-inch. Avoids having a door latched but not quite closed.

Ideal for people with low arm strength (i.e. older passengers) and that luxury feel.

Frunk closer would also solve the reported issue that the Frunk is rather hard to close.


Available as an option on the 2007 Lexus LS460 for $395.

An after-market option SlamStop Universal Soft Door Closer is available for under $400 for all four doors (plus installation).


The Model X includes electrically operated doors.

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     Created 2-Dec-2012


I have a P85 now and would like the Frunk close feature. I rarely use the Frunk due to this. I'm hoping when I get my next Tesla , maybe next year that they incorporate this.
    Created 11-Jul-2015
We sold a BMW 750Li for the Tesla and the only thing that caused hesitation was the self closing doors on the BWM and not on the Tesla. Very much missed
    Created 3-Jun-2015
Only frunk needs to be powered! Agree with all others saying this!
    Created 15-Jan-2015
Having a Model S only a few weeks I really miss a feature like power close of the frunk (only the last 2-3cm) - closing the frunk of a dirty/wet Model S is not desirable  :-(
    Created 10-Jan-2015
Yes, power close Frunk last few inches.
    Created 4-Jan-2015
I completely agree with Michael.  I have my Tesla on order and I am actually afraid to open the Frunk.  Having a dent or bump in the hood is simply not acceptable to me.  I am thinking that the only things I could put in the frunk are emergency items so that I pretty much never have to open it.

I appreciate the lightweight aluminum body,  but being so fragile simply does make make good engineering sense.  I would think that a very simple, lightweight bracket, or less robust engagement mechanism for the latch would solve the problem quickly with little cost.  Seems like an engineering oversight that is simply not being dealt with.  I expect, in the end, that it will cost Tesla more in the end to deal with the problem than to fix it up front.
    Created 2-Aug-2014
A powered frunk closing mechanism may add cost and weight, but I would already be more than happy if they could simply replace the existing frunk latch with something that doesn't get damaged so easily.

Lots of people on the Tesla forums are complaining about the lid of the frunk and how easily it gets damaged if not closed exactly the right way. Apparently the majority of Model S cars already have a (very) small dent in the hood no matter how careful the owners were. Tesla apparently maintains that this shouldn’t happen if the owners follow the instructions.

This is silly.

Plenty of rear engine cars have similar frunks as their only storage compartment, and none come with such precise instructions on how to close it to avoid damage. You just slam it shut (or lower it gently if you wish) and that’s it. That’s the way it should be. If I can’t ask someone to take something out of the frunk without first giving detailed instructions where he should place his hands and how much pressure he should use, that's a serious design flaw that needs to be fixed asap.

    Created 28-Jul-2014
Mercedes and Lexus have this on their trunks. Tesla has the option on their trunk so adding it to the frunk seems to be a no-brainer.
    Created 31-Dec-2013
I too clicked the button just lightly, so it counts only for the frunk, not the passenger doors.
    Created 20-Oct-2013
Like Bill and AndyM above, I would love to see this feature for the frunk, and I have no need for it on the passenger doors.
See also: Frunk Auto Open/Close
    Created 9-Oct-2013
I concur with Bill.  The Frunk needs a motor to pull and latch it closed, the passenger entry doors not so much.
    Created 14-Jun-2013
I'm less concerned about the doors, but clearly the hood is fragile, putting a closer there would save much fretting.
    Created 7-May-2013
The same price range cars like S-Class Mercedes and 7-series BMW have this standart option as soft self closed doors. It's very nice feature, particularly after a lot of complains on the existing Tesla S doors. And the way they close.
    Created 9-Jan-2013