Frunk Auto Open/Close


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Offer an option for a frunk auto open and close, similar to the rear hatch.


While technically possible, safety regulations may make this difficult. The front hood may require double-latching to prevent pop-ups while driving from an unsecured hood. It still may be possible to interlock it so that it is inoperative when not in Park.

There are now third parties making electric frunk open/close systems for Tesla vehicles. Here’s one such company:


Implemented on the Cybertruck.


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     Created 12-May-2013


I’d like to add my vote for an ‘as automatic as possible’ open/close method for the frunk. If the problem is one of safety, it seems to me that some clever tinkerer out there should be able to come up with a design that would satisfy regulations and make closing the lid a lot easier than it currently is. Perhaps Elon can have a contest over at Space X among his engineers to come up with a winner. Those guys are designing gear & spaceships  to get us to Mars. How much of a problem should an automatic front trunk be?
    Created 10-Jun-2019
Calle has it right, the most important thing would be power-assisted last-inch frunk closing. It is silly to get salt on my hand(s), scratch the paint, dent the car, etc. (Can't wash it EVERY day in the winter in Pittsburgh!) And it doesn't fit the high-tech image to fiddle with a basic component. Perhaps it could be a retrofit option. It might be a popular, profitable service for Tesla. I would get it at the first opportunity.

Disappointing that the editor scored this so low on desirability and even lower on likelihood. I won't get a new Tesla that doesn't address this since it is about the ONLY thing I don't like about my 2013 MS. Yes, minor in the whole scheme of things but it's the only thing...

Many are frustrated/disappointed:

I could go on but the editor can Google "Tesla frunk closure" too. Thanks for reading my rant!
    Created 13-Mar-2019
Automatic - but take care why?

If it should work to open/close automatically - the problem is the height!

So it has to work like the trunk with stopping as you need, otherwise it is possible to damage the frunk.
    Created 3-Oct-2016
Automatic - but take care why?

If it should work to open/close automatically - the problem is the height!

So it has to work like the trunk with stopping as you need, otherwise it is possible to damage the trunk.
    Created 3-Oct-2016
Please power-assisted last-inch closing
    Created 1-Dec-2015
Many of the comments are on the mark. As for me, I have a crippled right arm, so using the frunk and trying to use both hands is difficult at best. It was one of those little things that made me question whether or not to buy the car--seriously. I wondered if it would cost me more over time in repairs than it was worth. My solution is to use the powered rear liftgate whenever possible. Workable, but not ideal. When my wife is with me, she can and does handle the job of closing the frunk lid. Of the remedies proposed, my preference is for a power-assisted last-inch closing mechanism.
    Created 1-Apr-2015
Hand pressure is a crease risk. Needs mitigating by final inch electric shut
    Created 31-Mar-2015
I would definitely  use the Fruck more often. Just lower the Frunk hood and then close from there. I'd like not to have to touch at all on the hood
    Created 5-Mar-2015
Either install automatic close system or strengthen the frunk to enable normal closing without a crease.  In my view, must do one or the other.


    Created 28-Dec-2014
Due to the "minor" dents appearing at the leading edge of the frunk, even when following Tesla's official directions, this really should be a must.  One of the first comments I made when buying mine was "why doesn't the frunk also close like the rear?".  Seems like a big  miss to me.  If it were electric, that's where I would put my briefcase every day to and from work.
    Created 24-Jun-2014
Interesting option...
    Created 16-Jan-2014
Thom EM
I agree with JThompson, it would be an interesting option.
    Created 25-Nov-2013
I don't need a fully automatic open/close for the frunk, as is found on the rear hatch (w/ Tech Pkg). On the frunk, a soft close for the last inch would be sufficient, and most valuable.
See also: Power Door/Frunk Closers
    Created 9-Oct-2013
absolutely need this
    Created 12-May-2013