Easy Open Charge Port Door


Now Implemented!


On the Model X doors dialog, have an option to open the charge port door.


When I arrive at a (non-supercharger) charge location, I park the car and the Doors screen presents itself. Then if I want to open the charge port, I need to close the Doors dialog, open the Charge dialog and then press “Open charge port”.


A tap on the charge port door opens it. There is no need to press anything in the car.

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     Created 3-Oct-2018


I put in a request to use the same button to be able to unlock the charge port as well, not important for Super Chargers, but very useful if you are not using a "Tesla cable":
    Created 6-Aug-2019
More than adequately covered.
    Created 31-Oct-2018
Then why do we have this functionality in the app and on the charge screen?
    Created 4-Oct-2018
With the car doors unlocked you can just push the charge port with your finger to open it
    Created 3-Oct-2018