Unlock Charge Connector by Pressing the Port Button


Now Implemented!


When the fob is detected, allow pressing the small black button to unlock the charging connector. This button appears on all Model X and Model S that has the self-closing charge port door.


This would allow me to detach the charge connector/cable without having to fumble for the keyfob or having to enter the car and press the button on the touch screen.

I understand that there are connectors that have a release button, but that doesn’t work with the J1772 adapter.


Implemented.  With the car unlocked, you can press the small black button to the left of the connector and the port unlocks.

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     Created 6-Aug-2019


When my Model 3 is unlocked, the J1772 release button unlocks the charge port as well. I use this when done charging at home.
    Created 6-Jun-2021
or option that allow the charge connector to unlock when the keyfob is detected and the car is fully charged
    Created 3-Sep-2019