Inside Handle Bars or Grab Handles



Offer grab handles over the doors.


The Model S and X do not offer grab handles over the doors. These handles are not only a means to offer some support to a passenger during a sporty ride, but also are essential for elderly or handicapped people to exit the vehicle comfortable and gracefully.

Many other cars have them as standard items.  On the flip side, most younger buyers prefer the clean modern look without all the extra grab handles all over the car that makes it look like grampa’s car.



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     Created 26-Mar-2013


yup, that would be great!
    Created 12-Jun-2018
When, and I say when, luxury car maker start putting 100%EV on the market Tesla will have to adjust because the interior of the MS even with leather interior is very basic...
    Created 2-Oct-2017
My wife really misses this feature. She has back issues and requires something to hold onto even during very moderate maneuvers. The lack of such a feature represents a glaring omission  in a car of this class.
    Created 1-Oct-2017
Very important to get into and out of car safely
    Created 1-Oct-2017
This is an important feature
    Created 1-Sep-2016
This could also make up for the missing clothes hanger.
    Created 28-Aug-2016
This could also make up for the missing coat hook.
    Created 28-Aug-2016
Older passangers always ask for the handle...
    Created 1-Dec-2015
Yes, necessary for old folks like me.
    Created 22-Nov-2015
Build a car that has ludicrous acceleration but don't install oh S#!t handles... THAT is insane.
    Created 10-Aug-2015
Come on Elon, bend a little. I frequently have older passengers in the car & they always have trouble getting out. What's the problem already?
    Created 1-Aug-2015
Folding grab handles should be very easy to add.
    Created 4-Feb-2015
Handles that are recessed so they don't jut out should have been a part of the design. My elderly mother griped about this and she's right.
    Created 12-May-2014
Yes, I would love to have the handles...since this car is RWD, it would be especially helpful to the passengers in the 2nd row.
    Created 31-Dec-2013
These are a must.

There is a whole list of interior refinements that are standard on other luxury sedans. I won't list them here; just know these handles are on that list.
    Created 1-Oct-2013
This omission really maddens me.  The only reason we don't have hand grabs is because Elon doesn't like them.  This is a constant issue I hear about from passengers.  Also, I am disabled and these really are useful for those of us not 30 anymore.
    Created 18-Jun-2013
That's true... the 3 people I've given rides to have mentioned just that!!
    Created 30-May-2013