Coat Hooks


Now Implemented!


Above the rear doors, have a coat hook to support one or two hangers for a coat or two. While most designs are a fixed hook, a nicer design remains flush and pops out when needed.


Included on most cars.


The Model 3 and Y include coat hooks from the start.  The mid-2021 Model S includes coat hooks.

There are also third-party coat hooks available for older S/X models.

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     Created 7-Dec-2012


I'd like a purse hook for when I have a passenger in the front seat and can't put my purse there.  It would need to be accessible from the driver's seat so it can be easily grabbed when exiting the car.
    Created 4-Nov-2018
You can actually order the "E-JAMES" here:

(you need the sunroof for it to fit, but it looks quite simple and elegant)

Also, here is my translation of their description:

Sure, we understand that in California people are less likely to wear suits, and not at all coats. But in this vehicle class a coat hook is simply a must. How often has your jacket slipped from the back row under the front seat during breaking?

Anyway, here is the solution! We have, together with a very talented young designer, developed in caring detail work a piece which is just as rigid as it is practical. Made from shock-resistant ABS thermoplastic, it also carries heavy coats. The included strengthening isn't even visible thanks to the elegant design. And the best: The hook can be mounted in 3 seconds - namely due to its perfect fit - easy and non-damaging. Attention: can only be mounted on Models with the glass roof ("Pano-Roof").

People can probably tell: The piece is tiny, but the work for it was tremendous, the cost for the injection molding small batch were astronomical - but we beam with pride about the result.

We believe: a Must-Have!

Coat hook E-JAMES
Coat hook, special manufacturing for Tesla Model S with glass roof, clip-on over the left or right rear door. Residue-free removable. Doesn't move, stays in place securely.

Optimized hook design, mountain range tested (jacked stays in hook), the clever design still allows easy removal of the coat, smooth edges to prevent damage on your clothes. Also securely carries coat hangers.
    Created 6-Mar-2014
cyantist, any instructions or pics somewhere? I bet it would fit in nicely in the modifications section!
    Created 21-Feb-2014
There is a plastic strip running across the width of the car I have between the front and back seat (I have the glass roof with sunroof). I drilled a small semicircle into this directly behind the drivers seat. My jacket now hangs better than in a regular location where it would fold onto the seat. I use a swivel hanger and position the coat so it is running parallel to the width of the car (typical coathooks position the coat along the length of the car). The coat hangs directly behind the drivers seat but in front of the back seat so it never touches anything. The semicircle is needed because aggressive driving ( I bought the P85+) would slide the coat along the width of the plastic piece. Now it is held firmly in place and the plastic strip is more than strong enough to hold this. I use it when I pick up an entire load of dry cleaning as well.
    Created 6-Jan-2014
Touche' to all who posted here. It's the simple things that take a car fan and turn them in to RAVING fans. Read the book. Raving Fans.
    Created 1-Oct-2013
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    Created 26-Mar-2013
Very nice rant over at TMC by sbgator90, says it all:

Ok. I have had my "S" for 3 months now and absolutely love it. There is one thing that I absolutely hate. I am the poor slub that has to wear a suit most days to work and I am not about to wear my jacket while I am driving, I don't need my clients thinking that I sleep in it and that's what it would look like. Why in god's name wouldn't they install a 25 cent piece of plastic that has so much utility and takes no space.

I first thought that with all the engineering that went into this car there was no time for anyone to give it any thought, or that no true designer or engineer would dare be assigned to this ridiculously small task and they gave it to an intern instead who was too busy tweeting his buddies about his big job at Tesla to finish the task. I'll kill him when I find him. Then I thought that with my two Masters degrees that I should be able to find some nook or cranny that I could jab a coat hook into (I do not have a pano roof) and I'll be darned, I can't find a single place to hang a darn hanger in the whole car. It was then that I decided in some cruel joke to the suits of the world (it is silicon valley) an engineer was hired to specifically design the interior to be sure that nobody could hang their jacket. Maybe I am being a little bit paranoid, but I need to be able to hang my coat so it stops falling on the floor on nearly every trip.

I called Tesla service to ask why I didn't have a hook, surely it must have just been left off my car since every car from my first (a new $4,995 Ford Escort where everything but the coat hanger broke in the first 3 years) to my nearly $100,000 BMW and everything in between had one or even up to three of the things in the car. The answer, and I quote- "I was told it was to save weight" .......sorry, I had to stop writing for 10 minutes to stop laughing again.... really??? do you know what this car weighs??

I then asked if it would be difficult to stop in the parts department at my local friendly BMW store and bought the 25 cent piece of plastic from them for $289 (my guess based on life experience) and drill it in myself. The answer, and I quote "that doesn't sound like a good idea, you don't know what you will hit"...... sigh

Ok, now to my questions

1) Has anyone ever seen Elon in a suit
2) Does anyone know the previously mentioned intern, I am looking for him
3) I have done some serious performance mods on past cars so don't laugh at me when I ask my serious question... does anyone know how to do a retrofit to get a hook in the rear of the car behind the drivers seat in the headliner where they should have put one in the first place? It is a sedan after all and I have to pay for it all the same, and though I live in the bay area--- I am not one of the fortunate ones that gets to make a hefty living going to work in jeans and a t-shirt.... IDEA.... forget the hook, how do I get one of those jobs?
    Created 26-Mar-2013
For those of us without the sunroof, there are no good solutions for a coat hook.  I suppose we could hang a rope around the front headrest, but that seems so much worse looking than just having an unobtrusive hook in the roof.
    Created 1-Feb-2013
If you use a regular clothes hanger from your closet, it can hang easily on the middle portion of the panoramic sunroof between the front and rear roofs (the part covered by black plastic).
    Created 1-Feb-2013
i agree...I bet I will be pissed when 2nd gen  S comes out and has all these things.
    Created 7-Jan-2013
For G-d's sake, Elon, stop obsessing about a minimalist internal look and give us an amenity like a pair of coat hooks that we can use and won't cost an arm and a leg. Other examples are grab handles  (a complement to all the torque you are giving us) and  map pockets for the doors, especially since you havent given us any other storage. If these things are universal on every other car made, perhaps that is because they are useful features?
    Created 6-Jan-2013