Mirror Phone onto Touchscreen



It would be cool to mirror the phone screen on the Tesla touchscreen display. Even better would be to send gesture input back to the phone from the main display back to the phone to control apps.


Technically it is possible using Bluetooth and is it can be done with a phone app.

Moderator: Due to regulations and legal liability, it is doubtful this will ever happen for any vehicles. Regulations (in the USA) do not allow video to be viewable by the driver while driving. With total access to all apps, many (most?) will offer a huge distraction while driving (games anyone?). Tesla might implement CarPlay and/or Android Auto that has a separate validated app that is functionally limited for cars, but that’s a different feature than mirroring.

See related request: Phone/Tablet Screen Operations via Bluetooth


There was talk from Tesla years ago about a mirroring option, but it appears to have been abandoned. Perhaps mirroring creates regulatory, security issues, or technical issues.

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     Created 18-Jun-2013


I'd rather have CarPlay. But this would do.
    Created 24-Oct-2018
Both Apple and Google already have products running on lower end cars like Sonata and Malibu. Why can't Tesla have them?
    Created 30-May-2016
Great idea.
    Created 1-Apr-2016
Especially good when sat at a Supercharger or a CHAdeMO.
    Created 16-Feb-2016
It would also be great when using Waze or the Uber Driver App.  The phone screen is so small it's near impossible to see - 17" display would be a HUGE improvement.
    Created 31-Jan-2016
This option would make sense if it was available when our Teslas were in Park... which eliminates the legal liability issue above.
    Created 2-Sep-2015
Project mode was announced by Elon, if I'm right. Probably due for release a few years ago :S

More seriously, this would save a lot of effort writing an SDK for Tesla and you'd still get access to more apps which are in the Android/iPhone's ecosystem.
    Created 27-Jan-2015
this frature is nice when the kids on the back seat want to watch a movie on the ipad and can then stream the music is sourround sound
    Created 5-Oct-2013
Hi Hasselboxster, You are absolutely right. This is AirPlay similar option where I can stream whatever I have on my phone playing I can mirror to car system including video and audio. This is different and much easier to implement as there are already unix/linux based Airplay  Servers which Tesla can port to the car system it does not need any 2 way comm it is all one way from phone to Car. Using this feature we can play for example a Music video or Movie on the phone and watch/listen on to the 17" Screen.

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Elan, give me access to run APPs onboard and I will give this app for free for Tesla users more  in a week.

    Created 25-Jul-2013
actually this does NOT appear to be a duplicate.

the other article wants to be able to use a phone or tablet to control model s, and replicate those actions on a phone or tablet.

this post is suggesting that the model s screen be allowed to view/mirror what is on the phone or tablet screen... basically enable an "AirPlay" type of display mirroring.  I would love to see my phone apps larger, etc.
    Created 25-Jul-2013