Phone/Tablet Screen Operations via Bluetooth



Allow phones and tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) to replicate the screen and touch actions on the Model S display over the Bluetooth connection. This allows more functionality, without requiring any custom software.


May be limited by the design of the product. Unclear if Android supports such a feature, so it might be Apple only.


Around 2014 there was some talk of screen mirroring, but nothing has appeared.

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     Created 8-Jan-2013


Yes, mirror the phone on the Tesla display!!!
    Created 2-Sep-2015
Android has projection capabilities. I can use it with Chromecast. Would be GREAT to have this, especially if touch is also sent to the device....
    Created 27-Jan-2015
Ios in the car is the feature Apple has announced, and this is being integrated into many other major brands. Tesla could easily add it via software update.
    Created 22-Jul-2013
get onboard with Siri integration, especially with apple recently announcing this is a big play for them.  Tesla, show the world the power of your software and flexibility of the overall approach to building a car!
    Created 28-Jun-2013
This could be accomplished using Airplay support.
    Created 26-Jan-2013
I mean that you could see your IPhone, IPad or other devices on your car screen and use them using not IPhone or IPad screen but your car screen. So you are having an exact copy of your device on the screen of your car
    Created 18-Jan-2013