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While web-based email like Gmail can be read through the browser, it would be great to have tethered phone access to email messages. Ideally, it would verbally read the messages and you could respond by voice.


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     Created 1-Sep-2014


Thank you for adding this feature but Siri is still better. Tesla requires too much reading and button pushing.
    Created 30-Apr-2020
Android Auto 😀

And throw in the iPhone equivalent.
    Created 25-Oct-2019
I don't understand why my Tesla Model S does not read text messages to me. Other manufacturers have been doing this for years. My 2011 Ford Fusion did this and was most certainly not a high end car. It makes no sense to me that a Tesla Model S does not read text messages. Add this feature!
    Created 2-May-2019
Direct sync to a server (incl. Exchange, ActiveSync, Gmail, IMAP etc.) would be very good!
    Created 2-Jan-2018
I recently rented a Toyota Camry that effortlessly read my incoming texts to me. I thought it was very well done and would expect that such a feature could be implemented in the Model S.
    Created 1-May-2016
It is a driver safety feature to have an incoming text message displayed or read aloud, with the ability to reply by calling, voice-to-text or Preset Template Responses.

That feature is currently available in other vehicles, I can't imagine why Tesla will not include that some day soon.

Heck, much safer than being able to surf the web while driving

"#16K and change awaiting my Model X next Spring"
    Created 23-Jul-2015
Could be used when car is not moving or when passenger seat is occupied.  Good use when sitting at a supercharger in the middle of the night.
    Created 2-Dec-2014