SMS or Text Message Display


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Offer an option to show Incoming SMS text messages from your phone via Bluetooth on the vehicle’s display.




Text messaging display added in 2019.

(voting combined from a close duplicate that has been removed)

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     Created 14-Jun-2013


Perhaps this should be changed to be a request for Apple CarPlay/Android Auto integration? This includes SMS but also other texting apps - I see little point in only getting SMS messages when 90% now come via WhatsApp...
    Created 3-Sep-2019
Incoming text on display and voice to text in response like every other premium car now available.
    Created 2-Sep-2019
It would be great if Tesla could read me text messages and FB messenger notes.
    Created 11-Jun-2019
This is really simple. My 2011 Ford Fusion could read my text messages to me. Why can't my Tesla Model S. Makes no sense. I miss it!!!
    Created 2-May-2019
My wife’s Hyundai reads the text messages, and for a quarter of the purchase price.

Apple car play, or Android linking perhaps?
    Created 31-Jan-2019
I agree on the comments too and not the original post. Tesla is way behind in the phone integration. A lot of those mediocre cars out there have it! How come we don't?
    Created 2-Jan-2019
I'd prefer to be notified that I have an incoming text from - , at which time I could use voice,, to say, "Read New Text."
    Created 1-Jan-2019
It sounds like dangerous, you are driving and get a message in the screen, better text when you’re parked using your phone.
    Created 1-Jan-2019
Some cars (some not even very new) will speak your incoming text messages (received from your phone via Bluetooth) aloud to you and will give you the opportunity to reply by speech-to-text. Tesla is miles behind on this tech.
    Created 11-Dec-2018
I would prefer text to speech with the car pausing or muting the music and then reading the text message instead of having all the text on the screen. This is the way my 2015 Subaru does it. It tells you that there is an incoming message from someone (gives name if it's in your contact list) and then you can ignore or have it read. I think clicking on the left wheel in the model 3 where we control the volume would be an obvious way to request it to read the text. After you read it, you should have an option to speak a reply which should be processed as speech to text.
    Created 6-Nov-2018
Definitely! Fumbling for your phone is dangerous, it should appear on the screen like a friends Toyota Corolla does.  Geez the phone is connected and the suggested center console location is a nightmare.  Also communicating with Siri in an iPhone is hampered or balky when the phone is connected.  The steering wheel mic button should let you dictate to the phone to reply to text messages.

I bet a Tesla hits something on autopilot because someone is trying to use a phone for text. More bad press for autopilot!
    Created 31-Oct-2018
My Samsung has an option to read texts to you and reply to them using Text to Speech and Voice to Text. was quite surprised that Tesla hasn't incorporated such a thing. It's not perfect in the Samsung yet, but it does handle most situations.
    Created 31-Oct-2018
Yes, voice playback should be very useful - my brother's Volvo does it...

    Created 6-Oct-2018
My wife's Prius does this . . .  standard with her options package.
    Created 2-Sep-2018
Voice playback of the text message would really be useful.

    Created 2-Sep-2018
I had this in my 2013 ICE car with a voice playback of the text message. It was really useful. It also allowed voice to text reply. I miss this

    Created 1-Sep-2018
I'm with Tom.
    Created 1-Jan-2018
I'm with Tom.
    Created 1-Jan-2018
I'm with Tom.
    Created 1-Jan-2018
I'm with Tom.
    Created 1-Jan-2018