Display Battery Temperature


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Show the main battery temperature, perhaps on the charging screen.


During winter there can be complaints and confusion around supercharging being slow. The normal cause is a cold battery pack which limits charging. If you could display the battery temperature either as part of the car status page (the one with the tire pressure) or on the charging screen, it would be much easier to advise and explain why supercharging is slower than normal. The driver would also then have a clear indication. This information is already present in the canbus as far as I know so it should be easy to display it somewhere on one of the screens.

A bonus would be a popup message when you charge with a cold battery. Something like “Charging is limited due to cold battery, but may improve as the battery warms up”. There is a similar popup when advised to charge immediately after parking at low SOC. What I suggest here is a similar message when the charging begins but the BMS measures a temperature below a certain threshold in the battery pack.

Moderator:  There are third-party products that can tap into the can bus and display the battery temperatures and a lot more internal details for those who want a solution today.


Implemented in Service mode, under the High Voltage section.  See our Service Mode for more details.

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     Created 11-Apr-2018


A "charging capacity" indicator should be added near the range. It would only need to indicate "slow" or "normal". That way, if you are headed to a supercharger and still at the "slow" level, you could tromp on it and regen hard to get the battery to warm up (or just take the long route to the charger).
    Created 9-Nov-2019
This will be the 1st Minnesota winter for the spouse's model "S". We've got a large, attached, 2x6" insulated garage [hey - this is Minnesota]  The battery charging temp would be information worth noting.
    Created 6-Oct-2018
While you are adding things to the charging screen how about showing BOTH miles added and kWh's added. And while you are fixing battery display's how about have the setting for showing energy percentage or miles remaining affect both the one on the speedometer AND the one on your directions. It only seems to change the charging screen and the speedo display, directions always show %remaining at destination
    Created 27-Jul-2018
I agree that something could or should be implemented, but why not have the car computer do  it and have a  notification via phone of the status of heating battery and available battery power.  One could set a time for next vehicle usage and have battery heated to desirable temperature and range.  The cars computer already knows when its below desired temp let it keep it to the range required.
    Created 19-Apr-2018