Fold Mirrors at HomeLink Location


Now Implemented!


Option to auto fold mirrors in when arriving at a HomeLink location and auto fold mirrors out when leaving a HomeLink location.

I have an 8′ wide garage door with an opening of only 92″ meaning I have 2.9″ to spare on each side if the mirrors are out. Thank goodness I can fold them in. However, eventually I am going to forget and damage them. I also find myself driving without mirrors for too long until I remember to fold them out.




Implemented with version 2019.4 released in February 2019.

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     Created 25-Mar-2014


I wouldn't suggest tying this to location, as location-based triggers are notoriously unreliable, and no good UI exists for listing and managing the saved locations. Instead, have an option to auto-fold the mirrors when you activate the HomeLink transmitter. The mirrors will auto-unfold when you start driving faster than 50 km/h. Combine this with "Defer mirrors auto-unfold while proximity sensors detect nearby obstacles" to prevent the mirrors from auto-unfolding while you're inside your garage.
    Created 6-Nov-2018
What is a Settings screen but a list of, often cluttered, options?  So a new option can add to that clutter, but it usually won't clutter the interface that one uses while operating the car, just the Options screen that  doesn't need to be frequently accessed.

I was seeking a 'perfect' solution, but I would be happy with a lesser solution.  To my mind, they made a slight mistake with the auto-fold implementation.  That mistake is not honoring a manual fold in across door openings.  This creates a dangerous (to the mirror's finish) situation where you can fold in the mirrors and park the car with the passenger side close to an obstacle such that you can't get back in the car without the passenger mirror getting damaged as it attempts to fold out against an obstacle.

This problem could be addressed without adding clutter.  It is just a matter of what one thinks the mirrors should do if one has manually folded them in.
    Created 29-May-2014
For every use case where AUTO something is handy there is a use case where it causes problems.  This means that to keep everybody happy the GUI has to get cluttered with OPT-IN/ OPT-OUT choices.  I just added folding mirrors and I don’t have any problem folding and deploying them when necessary.  The car can’t think for me and when it tries to, it does the wrong thing as often as the right thing.
    Created 13-May-2014