Defer Mirrors Unfold if Objects Nearby



Using the sonar sensors, if there are objects (i.e. a wall) within 1 foot, do no auto-unfold mirrors until driving 50 ft or 20 mph or faster.


Those of us with narrow garage door openings may fold our mirrors before pulling into our garages. If the mirrors subsequently auto-unfold when we get into our cars and we forget to re-fold them, then we may strike them on the garage door opening.

The deferral of auto-unfold would continue only as long as the proximity sensors continue to detect nearby obstacles. Upon clearing the obstacles (e.g., upon pulling out of the garage), the intended auto-unfold would commence immediately.

A happy side effect of this option is that mirror auto-unfold would also be deferred while in a perpendicular parking space (with a car in an adjacent space).



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     Created 6-Nov-2018


After I created this request, I've noticed that my Model 3 doesn't auto-unfold the mirrors upon unlocking if the mirrors were last folded manually. I fold my mirrors manually before pulling into my garage; they remain folded when the car locks itself as I walk away from it; they remain folded when the car unlocks itself when I return to it and push on a door handle; they remain folded as I back out of my garage; they unfold when I manually unfold them or once the car reaches 30 mph. In other words, the "Auto-Unfold on Unlock" behavior only occurs if the mirrors were last folded by the "Auto-Fold on Lock" behavior.

So, this feature request is still valid, but it mostly only applies to the case where you park in a space with no vehicles on either side and then some vehicles come and park very close on either side and you don't want your mirrors to unfold until you're out from between the other vehicles.
    Created 11-Dec-2018
Seems useful, as long as can be overridden by manually unfolding. If implemented would rather have it be the default than having yet another complex option to set/unset.
    Created 2-Dec-2018