Apple Carplay Implementation



Offer the option for Apple Carplay for users to mirror the iPhone on the car’s screen with a lot of iPhone features.


CarPlay details are at

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     Created 19-Apr-2014


Also include Android Auto ;-)
    Created 3-Sep-2019
This is my number one desired feature too. When the Taycan comes out, I will switch, and this is the primary reason.
    Created 24-Oct-2018
This would be my number one desired feature. Managing my iPhone music, podcasts and audiobooks on the MS 90D is very awkward at present. In fact, that's what I use autopilot for mostly, to mind the car while I look down to change something on the iPhone. I owned an iPhone long before I owned a Tesla. And most likely the phone will be around after the car is gone. I'll probably be getting a different car before I get a different brand of mobile phone.
    Created 22-Aug-2016
Airplay would be great provided it were offered as a split screen app, and not take over the entire screen. And, of course, Tesla would have to disable video playback for legal reasons.
    Created 30-Sep-2015
It would be great to see the current "Phone" app on the model S turn into either CarPlay or Android Auto upon USB connection of a compatible phone.

I imagine it would run in half screen mode.
    Created 14-Dec-2014
I agree with elie06. AirPlay would be great.
    Created 5-Dec-2014
Instead of CarPlay, which is very very limited in the number of apps that Apple will allow, i would like for Tesla to implement AirPlay which allows to have the iPhone screen on the Tesla screen very easily and without disturbing any of the car's internal security functions.

In fact Airplay is a screen mirroring function just like the one Elon was talking about in several meetings.

- On the plus side : any app on the iPhone would be displayed in half or full screen as it does now on any TV with an AppleTV or many French DSL Boxes. That means that Your favorite 3D navigation app will work as will messages or, yes, even a YouTube or any video on Your phone (for very savvy drivers or at least passengers)

- On the minus side : no tactile feedback on the Tesla screen without extensive extra work but i can easily live with that at least until we see working proof of CarPlay working and the kind of apps that Apple will allow (no competing apps and no video is my guess)

Moving from AirPlay to Carplay (if worth it which i doubt) is a step 2 that builds on AirPlay, so no energy wasted here.

    Created 3-Jul-2014
This would be really great. Many people have commented that Tesla and Apple share much of their philosophy and design elements, seems like a perfect match.

Can't be too expensive to license, it being added to mid-range cost cars and systems.
    Created 3-May-2014
Pioneer and Alpine have both announced they will be adding CarPlay to their aftermarket systems. Both the systems are based on the QNX embedded  operating system.

Carplay is meant to work along side of what ever is already in the car and just be a screen extension to the iPhone/ipod/ipad. It seems like a very passive feature to add without disrupting anything in the Tesla environment.
    Created 29-Apr-2014