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Wink Daytime Running Lights



Create a simple and quick way to “wink” the left daylight running light.  So when I’m driving along and see another Tesla on the other side of the road I can wink at him/her to say hi and acknowledge our kinship in the Tesla brother/sisterhood.  (Yes, totally frivolous.  Like having the volume control go to 11.)





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Not sufficient to flash high beams?
Flashing the high beams misses the point.  Every car can do that.  The point of this is to do something that not every car can do.
Lmao really?
i like it. DO IT.
I can't believe I had to spend time looking at this requests.  What a waste of time.  And yes I know I'm a kill joy.
I like it.  It's similar to the low wave of the left hand that motorcyclists do.
Likely illegal in many jurisdictions
Unique. Do it because it can be done.  Sound familiar . . .?