Wink Daytime Running Lights



Way to blink the driver’s side daylight running light.


When I’m driving along and see another Tesla on the other side of the road I can wink at him/her to say hi and acknowledge our kinship in the Tesla brother/sisterhood. (Yes, totally frivolous. Like having the volume control go to 11.)

Moderator: It is not clear if legal for the manufacturer to offer this.



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     Created 7-Jan-2014


Unique. Do it because it can be done.  Sound familiar . . .?
    Created 2-Dec-2018
Likely illegal in many jurisdictions
    Created 1-Jan-2016
I like it.  It's similar to the low wave of the left hand that motorcyclists do.
    Created 22-May-2015
I can't believe I had to spend time looking at this requests.  What a waste of time.  And yes I know I'm a kill joy.
    Created 2-Apr-2015
i like it. DO IT.
    Created 12-May-2014
Lmao really?
    Created 3-Mar-2014
Flashing the high beams misses the point.  Every car can do that.  The point of this is to do something that not every car can do.
    Created 16-Jan-2014
Not sufficient to flash high beams?
    Created 16-Jan-2014
Thom EM