App Windows Close & Status



In the app, view the status of the windows and allow control of the windows to open and close.





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I REALLY want this.  I would also love to have a button on the screen (and the app) that allows me to vent the pano and drop all windows one inch when exiting the car. Doing it manually is a bit of a PIA.
Can vent the roof using the 3rd Party app Remote S.

Opening the windows - or more specifically, closing them - is more controversial, as there's a safety hazard in closing windows without checking nobody has hands / head / feet / etc trapped by the window.
I would like to be able to see the status of the window, but I don't like the idea of window controls from the app.
It is very helpful if I went off the car, the app warns me, windows / roof are open.

This is very important for safety and a good hint, in case of raining ...

Suggestion: at the car Hold long on key, close all windows, doors and pane....

like every Mercedes, Audi our BMW does... since 15 years
Raising a window remotely is a safety hazard.
Yes, very important for safety and security!

Closing like all other cars can - pushing key longtime or three time for closing all

doors and sunroof.

I forgot often to close the windows, when I have passengers, who opened the windows.