Close Windows via App




In the app, view the status of the windows and allow control of the windows to open and close.




It is no longer legal in USA: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

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     Created 1-Oct-2015


Please only a status of the windows in the app and a notification 3 minutes after locking your car if your windows are still open.
    Created 12-Aug-2019
Solution to the potential safety issue: the window motors could detect unexpected resistance and automatically reopen. Automatic garage doors have done this forever (separately from the electronic eye that detects objects under the door, the motor will also stop and reverse if the closing door meets resistance).
    Created 11-Dec-2018
Not sure why this doesn’t exist
    Created 23-Oct-2018
Someone change the title of this to something less confusing. Maybe Control Windows from the Tesla App. Odd that this has never been a possibility, perhaps there is no connection betwixt and between.

I do wonder about the safety hazard of closing the windows when I am not around the hear the screams, perhaps this will have to wait until we have the ability to stream the cameras to our app so we can watch. I believe I have seen videos of people closing things in the windows and they retract when they hit hard things like bone.

If they get the sunroof to close when rain is detected, we need to get the windows closed too.
    Created 15-Oct-2018
In my BMW I can open and close my windows with the remote. I stop when the amount of opening is desired (half-open if I want). This is useful when I'm almost finished at work and I don't want the car to be an oven for humans.
    Created 10-Oct-2018
Yes, very important for safety and security!

Closing like all other cars can - pushing key longtime or three time for closing all

doors and sunroof.

I forgot often to close the windows, when I have passengers, who opened the windows.
    Created 3-Oct-2016
Raising a window remotely is a safety hazard.
    Created 1-Sep-2016
It is very helpful if I went off the car, the app warns me, windows / roof are open.

This is very important for safety and a good hint, in case of raining ...

Suggestion: at the car Hold long on key, close all windows, doors and pane....

like every Mercedes, Audi our BMW does... since 15 years
    Created 17-Aug-2016
I would like to be able to see the status of the window, but I don't like the idea of window controls from the app.
    Created 31-May-2016
Can vent the roof using the 3rd Party app Remote S.

Opening the windows - or more specifically, closing them - is more controversial, as there's a safety hazard in closing windows without checking nobody has hands / head / feet / etc trapped by the window.
    Created 25-Oct-2015
I REALLY want this.  I would also love to have a button on the screen (and the app) that allows me to vent the pano and drop all windows one inch when exiting the car. Doing it manually is a bit of a PIA.
    Created 7-Oct-2015