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Ventilated Seats (Implemented X)

Now Implemented!


With seats that have perorations, a fan blows air from the floor up through the cushion. See


Available on some makes. Note that this a different, lower-cost feature than seat cooling, where the seat actually sends cold air through the cushion.


Now available on the Model X with cooling (better than just venting).

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In a hot climate seat cooling does help, altho' not as much as seat heating. Had these in my Lexus in Australia. Quite good.
The Lexus LS460 has a package for $1300 which includes a heated/ventilated/cooled seat. It works great. Perfect after a workout when it's hot out.
Seems to be the same as Seat Cooling. Should the two items be merged and votes accumulated?
For "Seems to be the same as Seat Cooling", it is different. Ventilated seats only use a fan (and is cheaper to implement), while seat cooling  combines a fan and cooling, typically with a thermoelectric cooler.  Both require a perforated seat covering.
Would love to have it in Model  S as well.