Seat Cooling


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Have an option for seat cooling, where cooled air is pushed through small holes in the seat cushion. Each front seat should be individually selectable.

Would be nice to have several settings, such as auto-turn off after 3 minutes, and auto-on if the interior temperature is above a specific temperature when the vehicle first starts after unlock or access.


Many luxury cars now offer the basic feature, but most are just ventilated rather than actually cooled. For example, Lexus 2013 RX350 has heated/ventilated seats for $650 as an option. The Lexus LS460 has a heated/cooled seat bundled in a package of features (so no separate cost available). To work, it does require a perforated seat material, which some users might not like.


Ventilated seats have been included in some S/X models, and are included in the mid-year 2021 S and X as standard.

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     Created 30-Nov-2012


This would be great for South Florida

    Created 10-Jan-2014
yes please
    Created 3-Jan-2014
My wife's Acadia has this feature at 1/2 the price.
    Created 31-Dec-2013
Perforated, cooled seats are a great amenity in all parts of the country that have a change of seasons. My last SAAB had this. I would gladly pay extra for it. DJN
    Created 30-Dec-2013
Ventilated Seats are a cheaper version without cooling, so for the time-being I've kept the two as separate items.

I've had cooled seats and they are nice for a few minutes, but can quickly become uncomfortable.  They seem rather difficult to regulate even when equipped with fully adjustable cooling range. It's likely less about the seat cooling technology, but how your body and cloths you're wearing react to the cooling over time.  That said, I'd still like them again, but not at a huge cost.  I also can't say I miss them much with the MS.
    Created 17-Aug-2013
Seems to be very useful in an EV b/c it's way more range-preserving (and likely even more comfortable) to cool the seats than to run the A/C full blast. Essentially the same as with seat heaters or heated steering wheel.
    Created 27-Mar-2013
Related item: Heated Steering Wheel
    Created 26-Mar-2013
Seems to be the same as Ventilated Seats. Should the two items be merged and votes accumulated?
    Created 26-Mar-2013
In the Southwest, cooled seats would be awesome, especially if part of the mobile app.
    Created 26-Jan-2013