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Speed-dependent steering sensitivity (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


In addition to “Comfort”, “Standard” and “Sport” I would like to see an “Automatic” or “Adaptive” setting that automatically selects the steering sensitivity based on speed (slow: comfort/city driving: standard/highway driving: sport). Ideally, the adjustment of sensitivity would be seamless rather than in three distinct steps.


This feature is available in other premium sedans.



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The Model S already includes this feature - as it's always active. From the Tesla specifications:

Variable ratio, speed sensitive, rack and pinion electronic power steering

Do you want an option to disable it?
Good point. I took this comment from someone else on the German forums, who actually already has his car, and agreed on the theory. I will get my own car tomorrow(!) and will do some extensive test driving on the weekend. I'll get back to this next week.
After 2.5 days and 900 km, I withdraw this suggestion. I put the steering into "Sport" and was happy ever after, from maneuvering tight parking spaces to going full-throttle on the Autobahn. I'm not sure if some speed-dependent adjustment goes on behind the scenes, more likely than not it does adjust to speed, but I couldn't care less. It just works and feels right at every speed.

I suggest you do not delete this ticket. I think it has some value to document the discussion, and if someone has a different opinion, this provides the place to discuss.
Works well now but I would prefer an additional setting a bit stronger than the current Sport mode. Specifically, to make it feel like a Roadster (at speeds above 5 mph).
A 2-ton, 5-meter sedan with electric power steering will never "feel like a Roadster". Even if you make the wheel harder to turn, it won't give you the kind of feel for the road you are looking for. I don't expect any significant improvement in that department without a major redesign of the mechanical parts.