Speed-Dependent Steering Sensitivity


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In addition to “Comfort”, “Standard” and “Sport” I would like to see an “Automatic” or “Adaptive” setting that automatically selects the steering sensitivity based on speed (slow: comfort/city driving: standard/highway driving: sport). Ideally, the adjustment of sensitivity would be seamless rather than in three distinct steps.


This feature is available in other premium sedans.


This feature has been in all Tesla vehicles for many years, perhaps from the start.  This is independent from the Comfort, Standard and Sport settings.

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     Created 9-Oct-2013


A 2-ton, 5-meter sedan with electric power steering will never "feel like a Roadster". Even if you make the wheel harder to turn, it won't give you the kind of feel for the road you are looking for. I don't expect any significant improvement in that department without a major redesign of the mechanical parts.
    Created 6-Dec-2014
Works well now but I would prefer an additional setting a bit stronger than the current Sport mode. Specifically, to make it feel like a Roadster (at speeds above 5 mph).
    Created 6-Dec-2014
In other vehicle manufacturers this request is known as adaptive steering although it usually incorporates an additional feature that changes the steering ratio throughout the speed range based on clever manufacturer programming.  I believe Tesla has not taken advantage of this ability of electrically controlled steering and I hopefully await (if possible) a software update that provides this feature.
    Created 2-Dec-2014
I have thought of this exact thing as well.  This would be easy to implement and would be very helpful to me.  People who do not see the need for this feature must be very conservative drivers.

If I had it my way I would select comfort for under 20 mph (neighborhood corners), then normal up to 80 mph, then sport the rest of the way.  Triple digit speeds in anything but sport mode is too unstable, and yes triple digit driving is fairly common for some less conservative types.
    Created 2-Dec-2014
I'm sorry I can't vote in the affirmative.  You can reset steering feel anytime you want in "Controls"
    Created 10-Jul-2014
I'd actually prefer it work the other way around -- on the freeway I much prefer "Comfort" because it's far easier to stay in my lane. On streets (or windy roads) I prefer Sport or Standard.

Would love it if the car could determine that I'm on the freeway (60+mph? not turning much?) and automatically switch to Comfort.
    Created 2-Jul-2014
This is a duplicate: Speed-dependent Steering Feel
    Created 22-Jun-2014
After 2.5 days and 900 km, I withdraw this suggestion. I put the steering into "Sport" and was happy ever after, from maneuvering tight parking spaces to going full-throttle on the Autobahn. I'm not sure if some speed-dependent adjustment goes on behind the scenes, more likely than not it does adjust to speed, but I couldn't care less. It just works and feels right at every speed.

I suggest you do not delete this ticket. I think it has some value to document the discussion, and if someone has a different opinion, this provides the place to discuss.
    Created 14-Oct-2013
The Model S already includes this feature - as it's always active. From the Tesla specifications:

Variable ratio, speed sensitive, rack and pinion electronic power steering

Do you want an option to disable it?
    Created 10-Oct-2013