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Sentry Mode enabled by default



Allow to choose what battery level should enable sentry mode by default. And like the car does with the suspension remember the places where we disable (asking if we don’t want to save in case it’s a special situation).

This will solve the problem of forgetting to enable it and have the car vandalized or stolen exactly the moment that we forgot to go in the menu after parking or using the phone app.

Also will prevent to drain the battery in case of some next day distance, since we can set the minimum battery to enable by default.

An extra, if the car is close or parked below the minimum but over 20%, after a minute the app should notificate that sentry is disabled and if we want to enable it.

This way, car safety can be priority specially for people that use driveways or need to leave the car outside often (like parking to work).




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Also allow a safe place/location like your home or garage similar to how you can choose a location that your mirrors always fold in - this is a place where your sentry mode won’t turn on.