Sentry Mode Enabled by Default


Now Implemented!


Provide an option to enable Sentry mode all the time. Have a location-aware option to disable Sentry mode at home in a garage.


This will solve the problem of forgetting to enable it and have the car vandalized or stolen exactly the moment that we forgot to go in the menu after parking or using the phone app.

A bonus would have the minimum SOC when Sentry mode is allowed to be active – settable from 20%-80%, rather than locked at 20%.

A minimum SOC will prevent draining the battery too much yet keep Sentry mode on for as much as possible. Parked uncharged at an airport, you may need 60% SOC to return home. Setting a 60% SOC limit allows Sentry mode to work until it gets to that threshold and doesn’t drain the SOC further (other than minimal vampire drain).

If Sentry mode is turned off due to SOC limits, send a notification to the phone as well. Perhaps the SOC Sentry limits can even be set from the phone.

This way, car safety can be a priority especially for people that use driveways or need to leave the car outside often (like parking to work).


The ability to default Sentry mode on and exclude locations like home and work was implemented in version 2019.16.1.

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     Created 4-Apr-2019


Any shortcut would be helpful when we park it could show the Sentry Mode button in the screen as long with the doors buttons.
    Created 1-May-2019
An alternative to an “always enable” option would be to have a screen pop up when the car is put into double park (i.e., park button pushed twice) that present a menu of things to do while the car is parked, e.g.,  Sentry, Climate Controls, Max Temp, etc.  Could include a reminder to check for child in back if this has been requested in other settings.
    Created 1-May-2019
Also allow a safe place/location like your home or garage similar to how you can choose a location that your mirrors always fold in - this is a place where your sentry mode won’t turn on.
    Created 14-Apr-2019