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Sensor to stop rear hatch



I recently damaged the paint on my hatch when the hatch smashed into a low ceiling made from concrete. So sad! No doubt it was my fault, but I could not help thinking that it would be sooo Tesla to have a sensor in the hatch to prevent this from happening. Hey, the car can turn on and off on its own, switch the lights, etc. — it should really take care of the electric trunk opening by itself.


I haven’t heard of any car with this feature, so this would be an industry first. 🙂


Moderator: The Model X side “falcon wing” doors have sensors to prevent the doors from hitting a low ceiling.

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Maybe it does not even need an additional sensor, but the camera could be used for this?
I've had this happen too. No big damage but it would be great if there was a slow down when it's almost fully lifted and if possible some OpenCV image analysis on the rear camera... but I doubt the processing power is available.
radars can do that, but they currently don't stop for that when we open the trunk door. good one.
Especially in parking garages with low hanging concrete beams this is a very valuable feature.