Sensor to Limit Rear Hatch Height



When opening the rear hatch, have a sensor prevent the hatch from opening too high where it would hit something such as the ceiling.


I recently damaged the paint on my hatch when the hatch smashed into a low ceiling made from concrete. So sad! No doubt it was my fault, but I could not help thinking that it would be so Tesla to have a sensor in the hatch to prevent this from happening. Hey, the car can turn on and off on its own, switch the lights, etc. — it should really take care of the electric trunk opening by itself.

I haven’t heard of any car with this feature, so this would be an industry first. 🙂


Moderator: The Model X side “falcon wing” doors have sensors to prevent the doors from hitting a low ceiling.

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     Created 8-Apr-2014


Especially in parking garages with low hanging concrete beams this is a very valuable feature.
    Created 21-Jun-2018
radars can do that, but they currently don't stop for that when we open the trunk door. good one.
    Created 12-Jun-2018
I've had this happen too. No big damage but it would be great if there was a slow down when it's almost fully lifted and if possible some OpenCV image analysis on the rear camera... but I doubt the processing power is available.
    Created 27-Jan-2015
Maybe it does not even need an additional sensor, but the camera could be used for this?
    Created 16-Apr-2014