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Removable Rear Headrests



Allow owners to remove rear headrests to improve backwards view.


There may be some legal/regulatory issues that would prevent this change. Tesla used to have lower headrests in early Model S cars, but made them quite a bit taller in current cars.

The rear seats can be folded down to improve the view in the Model S, or an owner can use the rear camera.  Some vehicles, such as high-end Mercedes will electrically lower the rear-seat headrests when no one is sitting in the seat.



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As far as I know the headrests can not be removed by law when passengers are in the seats.    I have a 2015 ford plugin hybrid and I can remove the headrests.  However, if the headrests where adjustable, very low when no one is sitting in the seat and raised when occupied that would be a big improvement over the fixed headrests currently available.
They needlessly block some of the view out the back glass.