Removable Rear Headrests


Now Implemented!


Allow owners to remove rear headrests to improve the backward view.


Moderator: For older cars with fold-down seats, the rear seats can be folded down to improve the view, or an owner can use the rear camera. Some vehicles, such as high-end Mercedes will electrically lower the rear-seat headrests when no one is sitting in the seat.


Implemented on the mid-2021 Model S. The two outboard seat headrests heights can be set with a manual adjustment, or the headrests can be removed.

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     Created 8-Apr-2017


They needlessly block some of the view out the back glass.
    Created 23-Dec-2017
As far as I know the headrests can not be removed by law when passengers are in the seats.    I have a 2015 ford plugin hybrid and I can remove the headrests.  However, if the headrests where adjustable, very low when no one is sitting in the seat and raised when occupied that would be a big improvement over the fixed headrests currently available.
    Created 3-May-2017