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Phone Speed Dial



Currently finding a commonly used phone number is a painful affair, require many button clicks to locate and dial a specific number from the contacts list (when the contact list is large).

Allow any contact phone numbers to be dropped into a specific speed dial button (with a default to the next empty location).  Include a separate pane for one-button touch of speed dials. Each button shows the contact’s name and number.

A bonus would make it easy to select speed dials from the steering wheel – perhaps showing in the right-pane of the instrument cluster and allowing the scroll wheel to scan and select.


This feature is available on most cars that have integrated bluetooth phone connections.



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If I could use all my votes on one item, this would be it.  To me, this is the single biggest issue with the car.  I cannot understand why speed dials are not available.  From both a convenience and safety standpoint, having speed dials is critical.  Scrolling through nearly a thousand contacts to find a number is both annoying and dangerous.  It seems this could be achieved with a simple software fix.
Contact name should be dialed by voice command without having to touch screen.  Also a feature enabling dialing a number by voice command should be available.
I would be happy if my iPhone Favorites were displayable.
agree totally. Such an obvious, basic implementation.
I love my S but I am either doing something really dumb or the voice to dial is really awkward. My Ford Touch (universally dogged) does a better job at calling my iPhone contacts than my S.
I just got a lower end Hyundai for my daughter. It has more advanced calling features than my S. Isn't embarrassing that I pay more than 5 times as much as the Hyundai but it has a better cell phone package, integrated with Apple Car system, Why can't Tesla do it? It has more software engineers than Hyundai does.
autopilot, but no speed dialing?

that's a little embarrassing...

speed dialing really important and for more safety because of taking not so much attention on it. Other possibility: use search mode like the gps system...

means....type three letters like tes and all names appears like tesla

REALLY needful