Phone Speed Dial



Currently finding a commonly used phone number is a painful affair, require many button clicks to locate and dial a specific number from the contacts list (when the contact list is large).

Allow any contact phone numbers to be dropped into a specific speed dial button (with a default to the next empty location). Include a separate pane for one-button touch of speed dials. Each button shows the contact’s name and number.

A bonus would make it easy to select speed dials from the steering wheel – perhaps showing in the right-pane of the instrument cluster and allowing the scroll wheel to scan and select.


This feature is available on most cars that have integrated bluetooth phone connections.



(voting combined from a close duplicate that has been removed)

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     Created 4-Feb-2013


I'd rather let the phone do the things it's better at, and my car just interface with it for a safer interaction. Maybe build on Android Auto? Less redundancy.
    Created 25-Oct-2019
Either I have a Special Super Duper Software Package or am too dense to “get it.” Duh, what’s the problem with holding the top button & saying “Call Heather Shapovalov?” Yeah, it might take a couple of times for the system to “learn” the name especially if it’s an odd one, but eventually it will get it on the first try. I’ve used this feature since it was implemented an it works fine.

One thing that could be done to deal with multiple numbers In a person’s directory listing is to allow us to say: “Call Heather Shapovalov, Mobile” or some other defined location. Right now we have to do a small scroll to choose the correct number, but it’s painless and certainly better than trying to type a complete number in!

    Created 16-Jun-2019
speed dialing really important and for more safety because of taking not so much attention on it. Other possibility: use search mode like the gps system...

means....type three letters like tes and all names appears like tesla

REALLY needful
    Created 17-Aug-2016
autopilot, but no speed dialing?

that's a little embarrassing...

    Created 8-Aug-2016
I just got a lower end Hyundai for my daughter. It has more advanced calling features than my S. Isn't embarrassing that I pay more than 5 times as much as the Hyundai but it has a better cell phone package, integrated with Apple Car system, Why can't Tesla do it? It has more software engineers than Hyundai does.
    Created 30-May-2016
I love my S but I am either doing something really dumb or the voice to dial is really awkward. My Ford Touch (universally dogged) does a better job at calling my iPhone contacts than my S.
    Created 1-May-2016
agree totally. Such an obvious, basic implementation.
    Created 23-Jun-2015
I would be happy if my iPhone Favorites were displayable.
    Created 14-Sep-2014
This is a duplicate: Phone Speed Dial
    Created 23-Jun-2014
Preferably importing the favorites as defined on the phone.
    Created 12-May-2014
Contact name should be dialed by voice command without having to touch screen.  Also a feature enabling dialing a number by voice command should be available.
    Created 24-Dec-2013
If I could use all my votes on one item, this would be it.  To me, this is the single biggest issue with the car.  I cannot understand why speed dials are not available.  From both a convenience and safety standpoint, having speed dials is critical.  Scrolling through nearly a thousand contacts to find a number is both annoying and dangerous.  It seems this could be achieved with a simple software fix.
    Created 25-Sep-2013