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Walk-away Locking at Home Disable



Disable the walk-away locking at the location defined as “home” in the navigation window. Make this an optional setting.


I park my car in a locked garage at home and carry the fob into the house in my jacket pocket.

I never think to take the fob with me if I go to the car for any reason other than to drive it. It’s a real pain to have to go back into the house to fetch the fob.

This is pure software and should be very simple to implement.



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I do the same all the time
I do the same all the time. Having the car now recognize "home" makes this feasible
When I've left my fob in the car and the handles recess all I have to do is touch the recessed handle and they come out.  The car doesn't lock it just closes.
It would be nice if the side mirrors would fold in, but without locking the doors when the car is at home.
I created a Home exit profile that moves the seat and steering wheel for easier exit, and disables walk-away locking.
This is a big one for my wife. I carry fob in pocket but hers is in purse, so if she walks out to the garage to get something from the car she can’t. If I manually turn off “walk-away door lock” while in the garage, I will sometimes forget to re-enable it when driving somewhere, which means I am back to locking with the fob every time to make sure, meaning I can no longer safely leave the fob in my pocket all the time, which is what I want.
A generic implementation would be a profile activated by one or more geofenced locations.