Walk-away Locking at Home Disable


Now Implemented!


Disable the walk-away locking at the location defined as “home” in the navigation window. Make this an optional setting.


I park my car in a locked garage at home and carry the fob into the house in my jacket pocket.

I never think to take the fob with me if I go to the car for any reason other than to drive it. It’s a real pain to have to go back into the house to fetch the fob.


Implemented in at least v10 software.  In controls, at the Walk-away lock option, check the “Exclude Home” checkbox.


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     Created 3-May-2014


A generic implementation would be a profile activated by one or more geofenced locations.
    Created 2-Dec-2018
This is a big one for my wife. I carry fob in pocket but hers is in purse, so if she walks out to the garage to get something from the car she can’t. If I manually turn off “walk-away door lock” while in the garage, I will sometimes forget to re-enable it when driving somewhere, which means I am back to locking with the fob every time to make sure, meaning I can no longer safely leave the fob in my pocket all the time, which is what I want.
    Created 11-Nov-2018
I created a Home exit profile that moves the seat and steering wheel for easier exit, and disables walk-away locking.
    Created 9-Oct-2016
It would be nice if the side mirrors would fold in, but without locking the doors when the car is at home.
    Created 7-Oct-2014
When I've left my fob in the car and the handles recess all I have to do is touch the recessed handle and they come out.  The car doesn't lock it just closes.
    Created 10-Jul-2014
I do the same all the time. Having the car now recognize "home" makes this feasible
    Created 3-May-2014
I do the same all the time
    Created 3-May-2014