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Location Aware Height Setting (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


Have the car automatically change to high suspension mode at a specified location or area. This helps for  dirt roads, poorly maintained road (lots of potholes) or roads with large speed bumps.


This can be done in software. The challenge is provide a good user interface for selecting the active area and having the suspension change made prior to entering the area.


A Tesla patent on such as system issued in April 2014 (Vehicle Air Suspension Control System).

Available with version 6.0+ software.

Category: Tags: entered 28-Apr-2013


Seems like the tech is already in the car.   This should be an easy addition.
I've seen a similar suggestion that mentioned automatically raising the suspension when you get home (for people steep driveways). This obviously encompasses that scenario, just thought I'd call it out specifically. :-)
Many examples of when this would be helpful. I cannot easily drive my S into the parking lot of my daughter's school because of a large dip with a busy road. It is too awkward and slow to adjust height while driving.
Agree!I have a cumbersome curb both at home and at a friends house. Would be nice if the car remembered to raise suspension to High at home and Very high at my friends house. I remember to set the position 97 out of a 100 times, but I'm not the only one driving the car.
Looking forward to test the implementation. Just got the 6.0 sw update and it looks good from the release notes.