One Button for Suspension to High


Now Implemented!


Allow the right steering button to be programmable to set the car to HIGH suspension.
This makes it easy to use when often entering steep driveways or parking into high curbs


Should be simple to implement.


Tesla automatically remembers the suspension height based on the GPS location – a better solution than having to remember to set it at a specific location.


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     Created 4-Apr-2013



Yep, this continues to annoy me.   The ONE car setting that I truly need to access quickly while I'm driving is the suspension.  I'm heading into a new parking lot with an aggressive slope, and I need to raise my suspension.  Happens all the time.

I used to leave my "Suspension" page open before I close the settings window so it would be the first to pop up.  But now with the new "Quick Settings" page that's always default (and this isn't on there), I now have 3 "clicks" to do in a hurry while driving to change my suspension.

I agree, that this needs to be programmable on the right scroll wheel.   Also, there needs to be a quick link for air suspension along the top bar.
    Created 15-May-2019
I never use the right steering scroll, I will definitely use to change suspension as needed in the highway and to park in some places.
    Created 30-Jan-2019
If you need a single click to make it high such as for a large water puddle, you need a  button to make it low again.   So, add a suspension option for the steering scroll and just don't make it geotagged.
    Created 24-Jan-2019
Great idea, especially about the programmable scroll button.
    Created 20-Jan-2019
I guess the geofenced memory for this introduced in software version 6.0 makes this kind of obsolete (but not completely). :-)
    Created 3-Oct-2014
A good idea to be able to activate desired functions with a single click,   Make this programmable with buttons on the Nav Bar.
    Created 2-Oct-2014
This would be a great option.

Also please see other suggestions regarding using the right scroll button to assist with voice command option selections. I don't find any real use for the right scroll wheel with the currently available functions.
    Created 5-Jan-2014
    Created 29-Apr-2013
To take it a step further, it would be nice if (at least some) of the steering wheel buttons were programmable. So people that don't need to adjust the height often could program the button to do some other useful thing.
    Created 26-Apr-2013