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Influence AP Steering



Offer a feature to influence the Autopilot lane centering, e.g. “more to the left”, “more to the right*. This could be a “teaching mode” for a particular (commuter) trip, effective only on the next trip, or an immediate “manual correction” through the steering wheel (gently forcing against the resistance of the AP, or possibly combined with the cruise control lever).


Various drivers have commented or complained about how the Autopilot 7.0 is positioning the car in the center of  its lane. Sometimes there is more room to the right of the lane, and vice versa, and it would be safer to drive more to that side.



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During commute hours, I spend almost all my time in the HOV (left) lane which has an empty shoulder on the left, so my position in the lane might as well be biased to the left. Furthermore, during commute hours, I'm often overtaken by motorcyclists who split the lane to the right of the HOV lane, so I'd like to give them a wide berth rather than forcing them to pass dangerously close to my car.
I think that the Auto Pilot should favor the empty lane, if possible. I cringe whenever I am passing a semi. I was hoping the ultra sonic sensors were able to "see" vehicles in lanes near me and mover over. I also would like the car to make smaller adjustments in it's lane keeping duties. I look like a drunk traveling down the road, zig zaging! Also the lane changing is too abrupt as well.
In the UK many MS drivers have noticed that AP seems to have a bias towards the left side of any lane

In the UK most roads have drains in the leftmost 20" of the left lane, so the bias of AP towards the left side of the lane often means the car is hitting the depressions round the drains.

Also when in the right lane and overtaking a lorry the AP goes much closer to the lorry than anyone would when driving manually.
When passing a semi on either side my MS drifts dangerously close to raw trailer part of the truck. You can almost reach out and touch the trailer. Perhaps it is because of the gap in height or open space of the trailer. Once you get close to the cab is corrects. Does not seem to allow enough space in the event of the trailer swerving or effected by wind, driver etc.