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Improved Summon for Garage Parking



Summon is nice but the vehicle has to be carefully positioned before executing forward or reverse or else it won’t go into the garage if it is too close to one edge of the garage door frame, and doesn’t straighten if it was initially oriented at an angle.


Ideally the vehicle could learn that it is going into the garage and maneuver around the door frame edges and align itself in a pre-specified position in the garage.  Potentially the owner could place a couple of custom Tesla decals along the walls of the garage that the vehicle could use to triangulate the proper positioning.  Similar decals could be placed at the door frame edges to help the vehicle know that it is navigating through the garage door frame.

Moderator: This is similar to another desired feature: Customized Summon, but also a bit different.



(lightly edited by moderator)

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